Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"So many unique, artistic signs" in Boyne City

From the "Motorlife" Blog by Frank Wulfers: Details can give a small town that unique feel that is often lost in modern society.  Downtown Boyne City in Northern Michigan is a historic district and all local businesses and stores have done a great job by paying attention to the details like signs.  Neon or other modern signs would look out of place in a historic district like this.  There may be a city ordinance that regulates what type of sign may be used but I haven’t researched this. The signs are easy to notice and some may not even notice them at all. On a cold but sunny winter’s day in March when cabin fever reared its ugly head, I went for a walk through downtown and started taking pictures of some of the signs.  A few pictures became many and it is surprising to see there are so many unique signs all over downtown.  Not one is the same as the next and many are very creative.  Even the street name signs have a unique design. There are also a few murals, among them an old looking map of the town.  City is a big word for Boyne City because it really is a small town.  Many downtowns of small-town America became victim of the big box stores and national chain restaurants but there are still many small towns in Michigan that are small enough for local merchants to thrive.  Such a great place to live and visit. Full story.