Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Food and Friends at Lake Street Market

From the Northern Express, by Krisi Kates: As Liz Glass was being interviewed for this article, a woman was standing outside of Glass’ Lake Street Market - which she co-owns with Chris Meyer - taking a photograph of the store. “That happens a lot,” Glass chuckles. “People walk in the door and say, ‘wow, what a neat place.’” Housed in a 105-year-old building on the edge of Boyne City’s business district, Lake Street Market holds on to an old-school appeal with its beadboard shelving, crooked wooden fl oors, Persian carpets, local art, a retired (but still working) streetlamp, and antique equipment and tools. “It’s extremely relaxed,” Glass agrees, “let’s just say that it’s ambiance has evolved organically.” “There’s always something interesting to look at or buy in most nooks and crannies,” Chris Meyer explains. “We don’t have elaborate displays of goods targeted to appeal to consumers, but, yes, an almost organic accumulation of interesting items in a state of meticulous disarray.”
Both Glass and Meyer, originally from Michigan, met in South Carolina at a time when they were both ready to return to their home state. Meyer had a “few decades” experience in food and beverage, and Glass had worked extensively with wine; Meyer is said to be good with the big picture, while Glass’ skills often focus on marketing. So the duo proved to be a great team. They founded Lake Street Market over five years ago, and haven’t looked back since, Meyer says. 

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