Friday, November 18, 2016

Team Boyne is one of the keys to Boyne City's success

Written by Boyne City Manager Michael Cain, reprinted from The Review, the official magazine of the Michigan Municipal League: Team Boyne is a voluntary group of members of the business community, nonprofits and leading organizations interested in promoting entrepreneurship and development. It is a welcoming environment where new and existing businesses can get confidential support and guidance from the rest of the Boyne City community. Team Boyne brings community leaders together on a monthly basis for some very important networking. It isn't uncommon to have 25-30 people sitting around the table, each sharing what is new or important with their organization, as well as what they are hearing on the street. This way, everyone has a good, general understanding of where the community is going and any items that might need to be addressed. This process helps avoid surprises and circumvent parties working at cross purposes. It has been amazing how guards have come down and real dialogs have developed.  Full article PDF.  Full page-turning article, pages 36-37.

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