Friday, June 23, 2017

Final phase of Avalanche Trails expansion under way

From the Top of Michigan Mountain Bike Association: The next and final phase of Avalanche trails is under way. Dirt Artisans are on site and have already completed over 2000 ft. of the final connector loop that will tie together all the new trails at Avalanche. Early reports are that this is now available for mountain bike riding and it's going to be fun. In addition, they are completing the improvements to the trails that were built last year and firming up the various sandy spots that remained. They are a great team of professional builders and are committed to making this trail exactly what was desired. TOMMBA volunteers have trail signage materials on their way and will also soon have clear directions installed at each signpost. Thanks to all of you for your contributions and to all the volunteers who are out there clearing trail, building trail, designing signage, fundraising, financial management, board member time, providing input, and generally helping to make our trails better every year. Details.

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