Friday, August 25, 2017

Red Mesa Grill celebrates 20-Year anniversary in Boyne City

On September 16, 1997, Mary Palmer, Fred Moore and Jim Cartwright opened the Red Mesa Grill and changed Boyne City forever. Many said that they were crazy to open a Latin American restaurant in a little, up-north, blue collar town. The eclectic restaurant painted the storefront bright red and the community didn't embrace it right away; it was a big change for Boyne City. Nonetheless, with a lot of hard work and a lot of great staff, the Red Mesa Grill quickly became one of the most popular restaurants in Northern Michigan.

Mary, Fred, and Jim went in with the cornerstone philosophies of: 
  • We want to be the best place to work in the community.
  • We want to be the most fun and professional place to work in the community.
  • We want our employees to love their jobs.
  • If we take care of our employees, we know that our guests will be well cared for.
Those philosophies took them far. Many say that the Red Mesa helped start the tourism boom that Boyne City has seen in the last several years. Boyne is now a hip little town with a thriving downtown. With Red Mesa Grill, restaurant group Magnum Hospitality was born. Magnum Hospitality went on to open Pearl's in Elk Rapids, Red Mesa Grill in Traverse City, and Café Sante in Boyne City. 

After 18 years, the original owners were given the opportunity to sell Magnum Hospitality to long-time restaurateur Steven Rossi and partners. Steve came in with the promise of continuing the cornerstone philosophies that have proved so successful for so many years. Steve and partners have the commitment to keeping Magnum Hospitality thriving for another 20 years and beyond.  

Red Mesa will be celebrating their  20-Year Anniversary on September 16, 2017. It will be a "Tropical Sunsplash" themed party with live music all day including the main act -  
Universal Xpression, an excellent reggae band from Detroit. They are thanking all of their loyal guests by offering 20% off their regularly priced bill all day.

> For more information contact: Red Mesa Grill, 117 Water Street, Boyne City, 231.582.0049.

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