Monday, October 27, 2014

Boyne Mountain announces plans to build sports complex

Boyne Mountain Resort has announced plans for a new sports complex, which will be located on land across from the resort’s M-75 entrance. The property, nearly 200 acres, was acquired in 2012. The complex is expected to offer six grass fields for sporting events and open in summer 2016. Earlier this summer, Boyne Mountain built a single field on resort property serving as the home turf for Petoskey Lacrosse. The resort plans to add two additional fields as early as spring 2015 to cater to events and tournaments while the sports complex is being constructed. The two phases of development will create up to nine individual fields. The innovative move of combining quality fields with luxury lodging and resort amenities will make athletic events at Boyne Mountain unique from any other sports complex in the Midwest.  Details.

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