Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Leslie Neilson: "Boyne City is truly a great place to do business"

The Northern Express profiled Leslie Neilson, owner of the Inspired Living shop in Boyne City, as part of their special issue on the Little Traverse Bay area. Here is the interview with Kristi Kates: 

I’ve been doing this since: “We opened in July of 2000 as Bali and Beyond—importing gifts and goods from Bali—and we changed our name to Inspired Living in 2008.”

I can’t believe this has changed so much since we started: “Boyne City! When I started 14 years ago, Boyne City wasn’t much to write home about, but I could at least afford to have a store here. Now, with all of the wonderful improvements and developments, Boyne City is truly a great place to do business.”

I still love: “That our store has such a good energy. It truly inspires me and it makes me feel better just to be in the store. I love our customers and I love coming to work every day.”

Our business’ reputation is built on: “Providing a positive and inspiring experience through sights and music and aromas and energy. We offer a calm environment that allows you to just take a break.”

The most popular thing at our business when we started was: “When we first opened, our best-sellers were definitely the Balinese kites.”

Today, our most popular offerings are: “This will sound crazy—especially since people don’t write as much anymore—but greeting cards! We have three different lines of cards now and one of our most popular are the Positively Green cards by Compendium. We sell a ton of them. I’ve had people buy 30, 40 at a time.”

What I love most about doing business in the Little Traverse region: “I love the fact that we get a little break after summer and I love the change of seasons here. The different seasons bring in new customers who are looking for different things and that helps keep us on our toes and keep things fresh in the store.”

Full story with other profiles.

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