Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What’s the secret to Boyne City’s surprising renaissance?

From the Northern Express: For decades, the word Boyne was synonymous with resort — as in, Boyne Mountain Resort and Boyne Highlands Resort. The four-season ski and golf properties were the primary economic driver of the region and the main reason tourists found themselves in the small enclave of Boyne City.

In the last 10 years, something has shifted in this community of just less than 4,000 residents. Visitors still flock to the resorts, but now they’re also likely to be strolling Boyne City’s downtown streets in the summer, taking in winter concerts at Freshwater Art Gallery, lining up for dinner outside Café Sante or checking out the renovations at the Dilworth Hotel and Glen Catt’s SoBo Development. Some of those visitors will even consider moving to the resort town; Boyne City is one of the few Michigan cities that grew in population in the last decade, outpacing even Traverse City.

So what’s the secret to Boyne City’s surprising renaissance? Community leaders highlight three key ingredients in the city’s recipe for success:

  1. Boyne City Main Street program - The city became one of the first communities in the state to be accepted in the program in 2003.
  2. Hometown Heroes - a commitment from local residents such as Bob Grove and Glen Catt to invest in the community.
  3. Team Boyne - a network of community leaders and residents who meet regularly to support entrepreneurs and discuss opportunities and challenges.
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